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Date added: 29/07/2013 Kiwifruit for Insomnia

Two kiwi fruit an hour before bedtime may improve sleep quality and duration without the side effects associated with sleeping pills.

kiwi fruitThe kiwi fruit (Actnidia delicosa) is a nutritionally dense berry providing many health benefits because of its concentration of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Kiwi contains vitamin C, E and K, potassium, copper; and is a good source of fiber. It is very low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fats. Kiwi contains significant amounts of serotonin, a compound that is used to improve sleep disorders. According to the National Health Institute, many studies have been conducted that points favorably to kiwi as beneficial for persons with sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Insomnia occurs when there is repeated sleeplessness. The inability to get a good night’s rest for a period extending beyond a month is deemed to be chronic insomnia. While every individual’s sleep requirement will be different, it has been concluded still that the average healthy person requires between six and seven hours sleep. The inability to go back to sleep if awaken at night; alternatively, repeatedly waking from sleep at night and not being able to fall back to sleep is also a form of insomnia.

A study was conducted by the Chinese, mirroring that of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (CPSQI), to determine the effects of Kiwifruit on sleep disorders. A sleep diary covering a period of three days and a sleep logger called an Actigraph were also used in the research. These were used to test a number of components related to the study such as:

  • The quality of sleep;
  • The time the subjects went to bed;
  • The time of the onset of sleep;
  • The waking time after the onset of sleep;
  •  The total time the participants slept; and
  •  The pre and post testing of sleep efficiency.

The period of the research extended for a period of four weeks. The participants were between the ages of twenty-two to fifty-five years old. They were allowed to live freely but with a controlled specially-designed diet. The participants were given two kiwifruits every night for the period of the research. The fruit was administered at least one hour before bed time.

The research showed these results for the following variables tested:

  • CPSQI scores significantly decreased by 42.4%
  • Waking time after the sleep onset decreased by 28.9%
  • Sleep onset latency decreased by 35.4%
  • Total sleep time increased by 13.4%
  • Sleep efficiency increased by 5.41%

The results of this research have definitely shown very promising results on the application of the kiwifruit upon sleep disorders. Specifically, the research showed the following:

1.      The improvement of the onset of sleep;

2.      Improvement in the duration of sleep;

3.    For those who had reported sleep disturbances, there was a decrease in these disturbances thus the efficiency factor for sleep was increased.


It is clear, without a shadow of a doubt, that the use of kiwi fruit on insomnia is highly effective. Eat your tasty and nutritious kiwifruit to allay the symptoms of insomnia and enjoy good health.


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