Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Pastilles - Natural Stress Relief Lollies

CODE: Rescue Remedy pastilles-ch01

$11.95   $10.95
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Pastilles - Natural Stress Relief New Bach Rescue™ Pastilles have been especially formulated using the Original Bach... More

Emu Tracks Nourishing Pet Shampoo 200ml - Naturally Also Repels Insects & Controls Fleas!

CODE: eo-pet-shampoo-ch01

$16.90   $14.90
Emu Tracks
Pure Emu Oil is the key ingredient in this uniquely blended shampoo concentrate. Renowned for its moisturising qualities, Emu Oil nourishes and protects to enhance soft, silky coats.
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Hypnosis For Your Dog - Stop Dog's Anxiety Hypnosis - 2 CD SET!


$49.95   $29.95
Are You Ready To Help Your Dog Stop The Anxiety It Suffers When You're Not There? Just like humans, dogs suffer from stress and anxiety when they... More
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Missing Link Wellness Blend Dog/Cat Vegetarian Superfoods Supplement 454g

CODE: misslink-dcsupp-ch

$39.95   $36.45
Missing Link

The Missing Link™ is an all-natural raw superfood supplement, formulated with over 23 superfoods. It is designed to complete the diet of any companion animal, as it adds back those ingredients that are either omitted or denatured during the normal processing of commercial pet foods.

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Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze 100ml

CODE: mlteze100

$32.10   $30.10
Missing Link
Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze 100ml   Your pet is now able to enjoy travel!   With canine motion sickness affecting 1 in 4 pets,... More
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