Stop hair pulling - Self Hypnosis CD
  • Stop hair pulling - Self Hypnosis CD

Stop Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) Hypnotherpay CD


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Is It Really This Easy To Stop Pulling Your Hair Out?

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to control your hair-pulling problem, then your prayers are about to be answered.

Hair-pulling and twisting, or trichotillomania, affects many people and causes serious problems. Sufferers report feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and social phobias due to their condition. While it most commonly involves pulling or twisting the hair on your head, it can also manifest as pulling the hair on different parts of your body.

If your life has been impacted by this condition, you can finally take charge and do something about it. While the exact cause of this disorder varies from person to person, the core problem originates from within the unconscious mind. The action of pulling your hair is beyond your conscious control, and in many cases sufferers are not even awarethat they are doing it!

The most effective way to change unconscious habits is through the use of hypnosis. When you change the signals being sent to your brain, you can stop patterns of behaviour ordinarily outside of your conscious control.

With this brand new self-hypnosis CD, you can reprogram your unconscious mind to actively stop yourself from pulling and twisting your hair. Just imagine, not having to worry about unsightly bald spots or feeling any anxiety caused by this disorder any longer.

You can listen to this CD as often as you like, all in the comfort of your own home. It is completely safe to use and you'll be amazed by the results.

Some of the Positive Subconscious Suggestions Include:

  • You can make any change you like
  • See images of yourself with healthy, shiny, full hair
  • Your hands can be completely calm and still
  • Realise that old, unwanted behaviour is a thing of the past
  • Feel how free you feel after liberating yourself from that old habit
  • Every moment that you spend allowing your hair to become healthy and natural the better you feel

So if you've had enough of your old hair-pulling ways and are ready to put a stop to it once and for all, order this CD today for only $17.95. For this small investment you can be on the path back to a completely healthy, shiny head of hair.

How good is it going to feel to finally start living a normal life without this compulsion holding you back any longer?

Order this CD right now to turn this into your new reality.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does it feel like to be Hypnotised?

A: It is a state of relaxation, similar to the moments before we fall asleep at night or meditation. Relaxed, yet still aware and totally in control! (Similar to day dreaming).

Q: Can anyone be Hypnotised?

A: Anyone who can follow simple instructions can work with hypnosis. Those people with high intelligence, good imagination and a strong will usually get the most rapid and dramatic results. It is true that some lucky people find it easier to access a deeper level of hypnosis than others, however, the deepest levels of therapeutic trance are only necessary for drugless pain control or childbirth. A light to medium level of hypnosis is more than adequate for most situations. After all, chances are that you were not in deep hypnosis when the problem started!!

Q: What’s on the CDs?

A: The CDs contain a relaxation procedure before the main spoken suggestions are made to the subconcious mind. All change in our behaviour needs to be programmed into the subconcious mind. The CDs contain hypnotic music during the whole process to put the concious mind to sleep and access the subconcious mind.

Q: How long am I supposed to use the CD for?

A: You can listen as often as you like, however the following schedule is suggested:

1st Week = 3-4 times

2nd Week = 2-4 times

3rd Week = 1-3 times

1-2 times a week thereafter until 3 weeks after the desired results have been obtained

The more you use Hypnosis to change, the quicker subsequent results from further sessions will occur.

Q: What Format Is the CD?

A: This is an audio CD and can be played on your computer or CD player.


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