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These bags are come in 3 different sizes and perfectly fit any container. Once they arrive they are completely ready to use.

Through trial and error we found that all natural cotton fiber bags but they tend to break down over time and promote bacteria growth when kept wet for any length of time.  Although these the best nut mulk bag to  buy is made from nylon because it does NOT allow the nuts or sprouts to rot, it does not hold in bacteria or deadly mold, and it is so easy to clean, you simply rinse and air dry.

Amazon sell these nylon nut milk sprouting bags and the delivery is so quick I am recommending anyone wanting a nut milk sprouting bag get it from here.

Basic Nut Milk Recipe:

Place 1 cup nuts in high speed blender (eg almonds, brazil nuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts)

add 2 to 3 cups of pure filtered water

- blend for 45 seconds in high speed blender, or 90 seconds in regular blender

add dash of sea salt

add two dates (pitted)

- blend again for 1 minute (high speed blender) or 2 minutes (regular blender)

- place the bag in a large bowl, pour in your mixture, and strain off the pulp, by gently squeezing the bag over the bowl, the liquid is the milk, and will stay at the bottom of the bowl, the fiber of the nuts will stay in the bag, and can be dehydrated and used in your food preparation, or you can mix it with fresh fruit, and eat it much like a porrage, or add to nut loaf, or anything you can think of.


As a wheat grass strainer, or as a sprouter, this item is indispensable in the raw food kitchen.

To make the best Wheat Grass juice:

- Place wheat grass in blender

add 1/2 lemon including the peel

add 1 cup of water

- blend until smooth - aprox 2 minutes

- pour into this bag in a large bowl, strain off the juice, which will stay at the bottom of the bowl, this is the wheat grass juice, and the pulp will stay inside the bag, you may throw away the pulp.

This wheatgrass juice will taste wonderful, and if you like lemonade you can add a couple of dates (pitted) while blending and it tastes so good.